Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fictional Bands: Satan's Night Out

The idea of a fictional band is a very interesting one to me. When Queen Of The Damned was made, it was widely overlooked as just another bad, Vampire, B Movie. I have to admit, when I first saw the previews for it, I was sure that I would hate it. It was so obvious to me that it wasn't anything like the beloved works of literature (and yes, I do know the meaning of that word) by Anne Rice. It wasn't, but it did turn out to be a great movie. It seems that because it was a B movie, director Michael Rymer had to come up with other ways to make a fun, cutting edge, film, that still captured the essence of Rice's story. The best way he found, was not to make a horror movie, but a rock opera. Of course, I could go on and on about the things I absolutely love about this work, but it was his decision to enlist the help of Richard Gibbs, and Korn's Johnathan Davis that really made the film. In conjunction with their awesome talent, Rymer shot some great (Satan's Night Out) music videos, which not only are great works of art unto themselves, but pay homage to almost all of the pioneering horror films of cinema. These are such works as: Metropolis, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, just to name two.
The reason why I'm really excited by the fact that they did this, though, is because I like the freedom that working under the guise of fiction provides. You can literally do whatever you want, without the concern of being labeled a poser, or accused of being contradictory. It is my hope that in my future comic books, I can make bands with whole backgrounds, whose songs I can use to narrate certain points of the stories. I could then write and produce music that can be downloaded (maybe with videos) to go along with the books, thus making it an interactive experience.
Maybe, I'm crazy to think that I can pull this off, but I happen to know a music genius (named Jeremy Hanes) who I'm going to pester to help me with this. The bands don't have to be confined to one book ether. They can run in The Black Lipstick Curse, or any other story I choose to tell. That's the great thing about it.




What I especially like about these videos, is the unapologetically gothy way they go about their presentation of the materials. A lot of people who are into this sort of thing, impose a strong sense of irony on themselves, as if they'd beat someone else to the punch in ridiculing them. These music videos take it way over the top, without looking back.

Slept So Long Concert

Not Meant For Me Concert

Not Meant For Me w/ Movie Clips

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