Sunday, May 6, 2007

Don't Ever Let Them Tell You You're Stoopid!

There are people out there who would find some small flaw in you, and pull it out like a thread, to unravel your self esteem, self worth, and confidence. They would then pick up the unraveled fabric and weave it into all sorts of new shapes, making a tapestry, that showed a story of some sad, pathetic, moronic person that is not you. Pointing at it, they would say to people around you, "Look at this! This person is not our equal. How could this person be worth anything compared to me? I tell you that this is the slime under our shoes, and you should not give him/her your time."
"Why would anyone do this?" you ask. Because in doing this, to the people around them, they can feel less threatened. They fear that if someone around them might appear smart at anytime, it might make them less of a human. In short, they would call you stupid, to make themselves look smart.
Always be on guard for this. It's hard to know what to look for, sometimes. Only today, I had a very cranky, bitter, insecure individual latch onto the fact that I was a poor speller, to take away credibility to some very strong arguments, I made against his bullying of others. I'll tell you right now that I have never been good at spelling. You may even find some errors in this post. The fact is, that I am dyslexic, which has made more trouble for me on this subject then I would like. Does this make my wit any less sharp? No. Some people don't do well in math. Some very smart people can only burn food. Albert Einstein couldn't change a tire, and his taxes were a complete mystery to him. My point is, that the thoughts that run through my head are none the duller, or tainted for my lack of nimble letter arraigning, so don't fall for that trick. I haven't.
Another sure sign of a bully is when they tell you it's us (the smart ones for example) against (the dullards) them. The fatal flaw in that statement is, who has the right to determine who is intelligent and who is not. Why, they are, of course. What are their determining factors? Whatever suits them, I can assure you. They'll attack what you watch, read, dress as, like in art; anything to make you loose your confidence, so that they can move in for the kill. Let's take a look at what us against them, can really turn into. The Nazis said it was the jews; the KKK, black people; Bin Laden, us.
So, how do you fight this? By being happy with who you are. By always improving yourself, but never letting yourself be shaped by what others might think of you. True, they may be smart, talented people themselves (in fact you have to be to make those kinds of surgical strikes against ones person) but they don't make the rules as to what is intellect or talent. They just want to think they do, so that they can recreate the world around them in their image. Do you want to live in their world? I don't. I feel really good about who I am, these days. I've worked hard and gone far to see life, and reality the way I do today, and I never, EVER let others tell me I was StOopid for it.


Raven said...

Bravo... well said. Who are others to judge us?

spacedlaw said...

Hi there.
I hope you don't mind; I just dropped in from Eddie's to see what had annoyed you so much.

I completely agree with you on this one. And I would even add that life is too short to have others' view of what you should do/like/think/know - or even dream of - fashion our lives.
The people who behave that way do have a problem. But contrary to what they think, it's not non compliant others that are the problem but themselves. If they lived better in their own skins then most of this attitude would fade (alas, not disappear, as mankind seems to be cursed with a competitive spirit fostering all this mayhem).

Be truly yourself; goodness knows how difficult that can be already...


Christopher Moonlight said...

Thank you. Both of you. You are very good, and kind.