Monday, June 4, 2007

The Black Lipstick Curse Classics

The San Diego Comic Con. is right around the corner, again and I find that I once more have a comic book to promote. The Black Lipstick Curse Classics collects all of my finished stories from the series from it's birth in 1997 to 2001, with new digital shading, and an all new painted cover. My plan is to have it printed by ComiXpress, and at the con this year.

I'm rather happy with the way this cover turned out. While painting it I was feeling the influence of my pal and fellow artist Eddie Campbell, who has a very loose painting style. Essentially, it's the original cover to issue number two, which has always been very relevant to the story inside. Don't let the word bubble mislead you. There is more to what she's saying then what most would assume.
Instead of redrawing the whole thing, I painted over a copy of the old cover to some effect. I used photoshop for other touches, like the lace, lettering, framing, and logo.
Here is what the original issues cover looked like.
Here's the inside cover for the new collection.

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