Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Trippy Little Mermaid

As promotion time grows nearer, I keep coming up with images which are easy to do black and white T-shirts with, as well as color. For this image the main goal was to do a picture that would ID me, while still keeping with my style. I've also been experimenting with that 1960's, San Francisco, psychedelic, rock and roll poster look, which I adore so much. The computer has been great for coloring like that. Anyway, you can see by the work in progress pics that I did the original drawing in pen and ink, and then colored it in the computer. It's good for those sorts of things.


robyn bright said...

I Love it!!!!!!

Christopher Moonlight said...

Wow. Thank you. I think I will make a T-shirt out of it now.

robyn bright said...

yesQ- it would make a most excellent shirt to be sure!!!!