Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Big 2007 San Diego Comic Con Wrap-up: One Month Later

What? I've been busy. You try sitting down and writing about that monster of a convention, right after getting back. Okay, you're right, a lot of people did, but they were ether payed to do it, or just out of their damn mind. Even Heidi MacDonald took a breather after the con before writing over 40,000 words on the subject, and and I'm sure she would tell you that it could have taken more.
Anyway we were there, pushing our new comic The Back Lipstick Curse.

Two things: One, I forgot to take pictures while I was there, so I'm going to find ways to substitute them with other things (and there are plenty of photos on line anyway) and two, my hearts really not in this. I love comic con, but it was so big this year, so overwhelming, that I came away with a feeling of isolation, that I believe was shared by many a comic book (and graphic novel) creator. I know that sounds odd, with over 150,000 people in attendance, but with so many other things to compete with, that had nothing to do with comics, and so many people going this way and that, it all kind of started to feel a little meaningless.
Right, let's start with the arrival, where we first got our badges and souvenir books. Great news on that front. All of my students Star Wars 30th anniversary pin-ups made it in. Great job kids.
Then it was on to:

10:30-11:30 From Fan to Creator: Goal-Setting for Creative Types—Which side of the convention table do you want to be on, artist or fan? If it’s artist, what’s keeping you from getting there? If you have an idea in your head that you’ve had trouble bringing into reality, you might benefit from this practical goal-setting workshop. Teacher and leadership trainer Douglas Neff will show you techniques for setting and achieving your most important goals. Whether you want to write your own screenplay, draw your first comic, or shoot your independent film, you’re sure to get something useful from this informative workshop. Room 30CDE

On our way we got to wave hi to our passing friend Pan Noles as she shuffled Neil Gaiman to some unknown event. She came an went so quickly, it made me feel a little sad. Anyway, the room was full. Took a peek in, to see what it was all about, and lost interest very fast. Listening to the man talk, I realized I'm living the goal-setting lifestyle as it is, so it was off to the exhibit hall for us, where our little girl Katelyn met her first celebrity.

As you can see, it was love at first sight. As we rolled wee lass away, she kept turning around for one last look. Damn cute.

Now, where did we stop? In no particular order.

Exhibit A Press:
...where we picked up the Supernatural Law Companion. It's a wonderful little book written by artist and writer Batton Lash's wonderful wife (and SL editor) Jackie Estrada, who was kind enough to note my small contribution to their comic within. Jack also had the presence of mind to take photos.

Then it was on to Eddie Campbell, whom I also didn't get to see for very long, and for the stupidest reason. By the time we got to see him, we weren't sure if we had enough money to stay parked where we we're, and thus cut short our last day at the con. I hate being broke.

Neko Press. Wonderful people. Great art. Took some video of artist and owner Billy Martinez, doing some fantastic live painting. Enlarge the picture to see when his next show is by the way. I did a piece on them, in this blog, which you can read here.
I'd like to thank David Mack for this poster and the copies of Kabuki that he gave to my students at Art Is Our Passion. David, I will not forget your continued kindness toward my students, and your support of their education.
We also go to spend some time with another great comic book painter, Dan Brereton who is going to be coming out with a whole bunch of new stories for his book The Nocturnals. I cant tell you how much I love his work, and I really recommend you pick it up.
Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg where on hand, signing their book The Plain Janes. I think this is a very good book to put into the hands of any young person.
My wife Faith, and baby Katelyn watch as am unidentified ego goes by.
I stop to say hi to one of my fans.
Also stopped and traded coming with the folks at Bleeding Edge, who I'm quite a fan of. Believe it or not, I really like the comic they're putting out, to tell the story of their toys. It's sincere, and unashamed of what it is. A quality sorely laking in a lot of things goth.
We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Dame Darcy, for a nice chat about our upcoming projects. She's a very nice woman with an imagination to match, and I love her work.
Another victim of the parking lot cures were our friends at Penny-Farthing Press, whom I've written about here, and who have just debuted there first animated film, The Lock.

...and that was it, I think. I don't know, I'm sure there was more, but I was beat.

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