Friday, November 2, 2007

Super-Goths in Progress

My four page Black Lipstick Curse story, Super-Goths goes well, I think. These are of course more work in progress photos of this, my first fully painted comic. So far I'm very happy with it, all though it's not quite what I intended it to be. Having said that, I also should point out that it is an experiment. I am by no means done educating myself about my craft, and find the learning experience to be every bit as interesting as the stories themselves. You may be asking yourself why I am painting comics rather then just plane inking them. Not to say that I won't ever do black and white again, but I do want to make sure that every comic I do is special in some way or another. I may not be among the greatest of today's artist, but I do think of myself as one of the more original and exciting. I've found that some of my favorite artist as of late, have relegated themselves to some of the driest of subjects, from my point of view... Or maybe they've just taken interesting subjects and found ways to make them dry and uninteresting, because they think that somehow that will make them more acceptable to the comic illiterate. It's not going to make people who don't read comics, want to read them any more you know, or gain us more respect, so quite trying to impress boring old people, and remember why you got into comics in the first place. Right, I'm logging off and getting on with my day. I've said far to much already, and the web has dulled my judgment enough already.

Thanks to Eddie Campbell, Batton Lash, and Dan Brereton for there insight. I see your influences on my work. Do you?

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