Monday, March 19, 2007

After Wizard World

I know, I'm days behind everybody else, but after Wizard World, LA I need a few days to get my brain back. Here I am though, with a brief overview of my Saturday there. I'll be spotlighting some of the stuff I took and interest in, a little more in depth, throughout the next week or so.
It started at the IDW panel, where Gene and his son Nick Simmons showed up to steel the day, and talk about there new line of comic books. They're big comic fans, but we've seen this happen before. A movie or rock star will think they can use there name to push a comic, and everything will be great. RIP: Roger Corman Comics, Glen Danzig Comics, Jada Pinkett Smith Comics... does anyone know if Rosario Dawson's comic is still going?

Next up was a visit to Billy Martinez and his wife, who were there promoting Billy's art (here we see him doing some live painting) and there publishing company Nekpo Press.

After that, was a stop off at the Atomic Comics display, where they have a comic book store in a van. The ice cream man wouldn't have got a penny from me, when I was a kid, if this thing had driven through my neighborhood.
Next up was a visit to artist ally, where we came across Omaha Perez and his book Holmes.
Here's the man himself with is book. "Sherlock Holmes is a maniac completely out of his head on drugs at all times and Dr. Watson, his own personal "Dr. Feelgood", isn't much better off." I haven't read it yet, but being that Omaha was a student of Barron Story, this book must have something going for it art wise, at the very least.
Then we met this girl. Damn, what was her name. I have her husbands card, so we'll call her Mrs. Bridges, of Pendant Productions. She gave me a disc, all full of wonderful, fan made, radio shows, like 007, Star Trek, Indianan Jones, Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman. I think I'll be looking more into what they do.
Then there was the guy was doing horror make up at the Fox Atomic booth, who's Frankenstein flash was so good, I just had to get a photograph. I forgot his name, too, but we chatted for a bit while we waited for our prospective women to come out of the bathroom.

There was Dame Darcy (love the dolls, girl) whom I will tell you more about later. I've been a fan of her very imaginative comic books for years.
I also got a copy of the documentary about David Mack, from David himself. I'll be screening that for my art students in the coming months. More on that one later, too.
Here's John Leekley, Ahmet Zappa (yes, Frank's kid), and Brendan Smith, with their new comic Amerikan Freak. These guy were having such a good time, and were so nice, I couldn't give there comic a bad review. Besides, they said they'd hunt me down if I did.
Atomic Comics owner Mike Malve with the man (signing at Atomic's booth) who bloody killed Captain America, Ed Brubaker. Cap! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a big fan of Ashley Wood, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with some of the comics he puts out. Inside the front cover of this D'Airain book is an image that I just don't see a need for. Anyway, it's one of the pictures I took at the IDW booth. Over all, I'm liking that company.
And last but not least (because I just can't help a little goth) I had to stop by and talk to the folks at Bleeding Edge, about their Be Goth dolls. That's right. I like um, and I aint ashamed.

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