Thursday, March 22, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Pierandrei AKA Nati

There are so many artist on the web, doing so many different things, but when I find one who really stands out, I get excited and want people to know about them. Natalia Pierandrei's profile reads as fallows.

...better known as 'nati', is a traditional illustrator based in Italy. Her artwork is basically anime-styled but also influenced by that of Art Nouveau, and European graphic novels with a penchant for gothic imagery and classical fantasy themes. She loves travelling, Japan, art museums, prose and cats.

Nati was kind enough to reach out across the oceans and around the world to talk to me about just what it is she's after as an artist. I was surprised to learn that (for someone of her talent) she doesn't seem to think she's all that special. I would disagree, but I'll let you be the judge.

Are your ultimate plans to become a comic book artist?
Well, unfortunately my reply is "no, I'm not ultimated them". Many reasons for feeling doubtful about my future as comic book artist. Basically the lack of time. Working on one piece takes less time than working on illustrated fiction, even the short ones. I can complete one, full coloured image in just a day, but a whole story is another pair of shoes!
As you know, I have a full time job (which unfortunately has nothing to do with art or comics). At the moment, I can draw only in my spare time and during the weekends. So, I prefer devoting myself to illustration than to sequential work. That's a pity, especially because the great enthusiasm for comic books caused my passion for drawing when I was a young girl.
Then, I suck at writing decent stories! I mean, I tend to write too complicated plots and that doesn't help when you should need extra time just to draw a couple of pages.

Are you writing your own comic, or do you want to work with a good writer, to help get your ideas out?
When I was a high school student, I drew a lot of comics with a friend of mine. There were basically short comic strips, or parodies of popular TV series. But I also started working on my own fiction and characters. As I wrote, the main problem is I tend to be too prolix and unfocused when planning the events in my stories. This is also a fact that I've not attending any Schools of Comic Art in my life. I have ideas but I lack the basis for writing and drawing good plots. So, I would prefer working with a good writer having the gift for conciseness than trying to publish my incomprehensible projects!

Why is it that even though you are published in four books, taking commissions all the time, and have a sizable fan following, you still do not consider yourself a professional?
LOL! Thank you very much for this question! Well, when I speak of "professional" artists, I refer to people who have a paid occupation as illustrator or cartoonist. Art is their job and they don't need to do something different to "make both ends meet". I'm not a person qualified or employed in one of the "art professions". Some of my illustrations have been featured in collective art books in the past but I should say those weren't payed works. Of course, I gained popularity and exposure but I still need to have a regular job to pay instalments and bills. That said, I'm not a "professional" illustrator because art is not my job. And I also doubt at the moment my artwork has the qualities of professional ones. But things could change in the future, of course!

Where will you pop up next?
No idea. I'm very impulsive, I don't like planning my future.

Where do you want to be, one year from now?
Hhmm, I'd like to be "physically" in a lot of different places in the world but I figure I'll be in Italy yet. Professionally speaking, I have no ideas. I'd like to prepare a good portfolio and try to get in touch with art directors and publishers. But, being a perfectionist and shy artist doesn't help. I mean, it probably will take more than a year to have this portfolio of mine done and "sent"or show to the right persons! LOL
Anyway, I need to focus more on my artwork and this is my goal for the 2007. And then...illustrate a fairytale, complete a short sequential work, improve as illustrator, etc, etc, etc.

Keep an eye on this one folks. I have a feeling that she's going to be a star.


Anonymous said...

I love Nati's art! I think she is the most professional non-professional I have ever seen ^__^ She really inspires me. Go Nati!!!

Christopher Moonlight said...

To right. That's why I'm getting in good with her now.

Sean S. said...

I absolutely adore Natalia Pierandreis' Artwork, It's inspiring to know people are still creating excellent work with tradition media. Especially so skillfully as her.

Christopher Moonlight said...

... and in an update, I've heard that she's working on a book of her art.