Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Music Spotlight: Birthday Party

It's my hope to one day write the story of my days as a young death rocker/goth, but to do this (I think) I have to first understand those days myself. Truth be told, I'm the same person now as I was then, I just don't go out to clubs anymore. I don't feel the need or want to. Having done my thing, I got off the "stage" before I wore out my welcome. Only the originators of that life style like my good friend Dave Grave, have their place forever cemented into the moldering tombstone of what is the real dark arts. Only he and his like, belong heart and soul to it. However, I will always be a goth deep down inside, with all the artistic atmosphere that comes with it, eternally burned into my beating heart. For your listening pleasure, I give you Birthday Party; a band that encapsulates that atmosphere. You can watch the videos or just listen as you read other entries, but remember that I use these songs and others as part of a creative engine, that drives my ideas farther and farther out, into new territory. Enjoy... or be repulsed. It's all the same in art.

Nick The Stripper


Dead Joe

Deep In The Woods

Release The Bats

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