Friday, November 21, 2008

$399. & Under! Black Cat Art Sale Sat Dec 6 w Music+Fashion+DJ+Film

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Jennifer Hart Biagiotti
11523 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City CA 90066 310 313 4931

For Immediate Release: November 17, 2008

For Press Contact: 310 313 4931

“$399. & UNDER!”

Buy ART for Holiday Gifts That Will Never Be Thrown Away!
A fine Art Reduced Priced Sale, Fashion, Film, Music, Performance, Design Riot
Make Warhol’s Ghost Proud: Eccentric-Stylish-costume Hair & Dress Encouraged!
Black Cat Gallery December 6-January 20 Hours: Friday & Saturday 11-6pm & By Appointment
Opening & Artists’ Reception Sat. December 6, 2008 7pm-Midnight

Live music (12 Midnight): FANGS ON FUR



Live Gothic Fashion Divas : fatal impact

Indie Films (7-12 Midnight): “The Three Sisters” and “Portals” by JUN TIANGCO III

The Black Cat Gallery in Culver City, presents “$399 and UNDER!” a multi-creative outburst with extremely reduced prices on artworks by LA’s best artists.
Opening night for “$399 and UNDER!” is Saturday, December 6, 2008 from 7pm-12 Midnight and will feature the Artists’ Reception, Live Fashion models, Live Music and DJ mixing, Live Action Painting, Indie Film, and Architecture, all of the violently original. There will be $399. And Under priced Artworks by JAMES MATHERS, NORTON WISDOM, TERRELL MOORE, TIMOTHY WILLIMAS, ORION, ANGIE MASON, ABRIL ANDRADE, GEZA X, TIM MOHAWK, CHRISTOPHER MOONLIGHT, TIM TIMMERMAN, STEVE BALDINO, HERWIG MARURER, JEREMY CORBELL, DAWN LAUREEN, ERIC FOBAIR, TIM TIMMERMAN, KEVIN ROLLY, JOSE WANTLAND, RALPH BONILLA, MICHAEL CASEY, JUSTIN KALMEN, KATRINA BEA, EDWIN BETHEA, MICHAEL SPITALETTO, and many more artists TBA.

FANGS ON FUR will be assaulting the eyes and ears of all with their ferocious and well-crafted music delivered with a style all their own @ midnight. Fangs on Fur combine their Gothic/New Wave melodies and tight slamming Punk attack with a Diva Art Fright stage show. If you want to hear something ORIGINAL and you like the Goth/Punk guitar sound of TSOL, wild stage antics of Iggy Pop, and the haunted singing style and visuals of Siouxie Sou, Fangs on Fur are for you. With a lineup featuring ex members of Christian Death, 45 Grave, Faith and the Muse, and The Leaving Trains comes a talented sound and fury by musical artists who know what the hell they are doing. They even design and create their own clothes! Look for their Fangs on Fur EP on Pachinkore Records. To eject from your life the corporate filth of Blink 182 and Greenday that’s been shoved down your throat see Fangs on Fur live at Black Cat and visit & You’ll get immediate results.

DARREN REVELL, the visionary DJ, creator and host of Big Sonic Heaven on Indie 103.1 will be administering his favorite musical meds all night within the gallery.
By combining Ethereal Dreampop, Shoe Gaze, Goth/Industrial, and Dark Romantic Rock for masterfully created sets Revell will be spinning his musical menagerie of sounds for 399. & Under! by mixing the timeless songs of yesterday-Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Portishead, Bauhaus- with the songs of the here and now:
Panda Riot, The Verve, Sigur Ros, Autolux, and Goldfrapp.

JMARTIN, artist/custom clothing designer for J-Low, Gwen Stefani, Dave Navarro, LA Laker Smush Parker, P Diddy, Ayu Hamaski, etc. will be airbrushing fashion models throughout the evening. For the first time in NBA history, an NBA player, (Smush Parker), is wearing custom painted shoes by J. JMartin can paint on anything under the sun and make it electric.

JUN TIANGCO III will be projecting two of his silent films “The Three Sisters” and “Portals”. “The Three Sisters”, starring Rainbow Underhill, explores the inner disturbing spaces of a schizophrenic woman who isn’t aware of her three separate sides. “Portals is a color visual story about the creative flow in artists and following the connection to the source where it comes from.

FATAL IMPACT the online Gothic, Punk, and Dark Counter Culture clothing and accessorie store will be featuring Drop Dead Gothic Fashion Divas all night.
Fatal Impact is owned and operated by the highly-creative and soon to be married duo Goth Model, Fashion Designer and Musician Kitty Corey and Post Punk/Goth DJ Jamey Wheeler. Look for Fatal Impact discount coupons for clothes and accessories that shock, scare and inspire during the opening reception.

Complimentary AGWA BUZZ cocktails, (a new LEGAL liqueur distilled from coca leaves from Bolivia), ALIZE’ fruit cognac cocktails, and organic BLISS tea will be served on the outdoor smoking patio by the Saints and Sinners bar blessing godz.

Door: $10

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