Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Press Release: "Night Gallery" Sat Nov 15 T.Williams, J.Mathers, Geza X

The BLACK CAT GALLERY blackcatart.com myspace.com/theblackcatgallery
11523 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City CA 90066 310 313 4931


Saturday, November 15, 2008 7pm-12 Midnight
Main Room Fine Art Exhibit featuring:
TIMOTHY WILLIAMS myspace.com/timothywilliamsart timothywilliamsart.blogspot.com
GEZA X myspace.com/gezaxart

Sub-Gallery Fine Art Exhibit featuring:
CHRISTOPHER MOOONLIGHT myspace.com/moonlightandmermaids

Live Gothic/Acoustic Music by:
MICHAEL BERG (10:30 pm) myspace.com/minus12
PETER SEAN MALONEY (10:00 pm) myspace.com/peterseanmaloney

RAIN myspace.com/rainbow_arcoiris

Make Warhol’s Ghost Proud: Eccentric Dress Encouraged!

Triad birthday bash for Timothy Williams, James Mathers, Eric Dhyrsen


Like Willem DeKooning, Artist/Musician TIMOTHY WILLIAMS, supported his art making by house painting. Finding discarded vintage doors and windows from the houses he painted and off the street, distressing them further and placing his oceanic-stained glass paintings behind the glass Timothy’s work gained notoriety and started selling in famed Venice artist Terrell Moore’s Westminster Garage Gallery in the 90’s and is now included with the likes of Picasso and Matisse in Hammer Museum owners Michael Hammer Collection, Weinstein Gallery Director Michael Miller, Bauhaus/Love & Rockets Bass Man David J, and film producer Alan Mindel. "Timothy has hit upon an original style. I haven’t seen anything that looks quite like his work. I appreciate the way his art looks old and mysterious yet new and never seen before." -Michael Hammer. Timothy and actress wife, Rainbow Underhill, opened the seminal Culver City Black Cat Gallery known for it’s melting cauldron of creativity. Since 2000 Black Cat’s shows have included fine art, music, dj’s, architecture & fashion shows. Los Angeles Times listed Black Cat as one of LA’s best galleries.
myspace.com/timothywilliamsart timothywilliamsart.blogspot.com myspace.com/musicbyblackcat

Since Andy Warhol gave JAMES MATHERS his first one man show at New York’s famed Paige Powell Gallery, where Jean-Michel Basquiat also made his start, the World of Art has undeniably recognized the fierce talent and genius of this LA based Soul Attacking, Mind-Bending Master Painter. Mather’s collectors include the famous
Corsini Family of Florence, Actors Nicholas Cage, Eric Idle (Monty Python) and Beverly D’Angelo, Crowded House singer Tim Finn, and Dublin’s famed Guinness Draught Co. Owner Marina Guinness. The Art of Mr. Mathers will arrest your vision, flex your convictions, slap and somehow soothe your soul. James has shown at Edgemar Center for the Arts, Turskin Whitney, Phoenix, Sponto, Attack, Zero One, Charley Cowles, Gracy Mansion, and Nature Mort Galleries in the states and has also shown internationally in Zurich, Rome, Berlin, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Adding to his prolific art career James has also directed 3 independent feature films, "Crushproof", "Bungalow 19", "Karmageddon" and had a major role in "Malibu Song"- a documentary film about the state closure and destruction of the homes of the Topanga Arts Community.

Legendary platinum music producer GEZA X helped invent Punk Rock producing seminal acts Black Flag, The Germs, Dead Kennedy’s, etc. and performing/recording his own art damaged music since punk’s beginning in the late 70’s. His productions of "Holiday in Cambodia" for the Dead Kennedys and "Lexicon Devil" for The Germs separated California's punk sound from others at the time with its eccentricity, humor and spunk, making Los Angeles very different than the scene in New York or London. In the 90’s Geza produced Meredith Brooks’s song "Bitch" which went platinum ranking #2 on the charts and the musical bible Billboard Magazine voted Geza "Best Producer of the Year" in 1997. Since the 80’s Geza began taking pictures of the early punk scene. Geza now takes those pictures, such as a 1979 photo he shot of Red Hot Chili Pepper singer Anthony Keidis, dramatically alters it via computer, prints the altered photo on canvas, adds paint to the canvas and frames the completed works with copper tubing. He describes his artworks as "Biomorphic Shutterings." The neo-Warhol, pop-iconic, and vibrantly colorful style work comes across as contemporary to the core with harrowing whispers of yesterday. Geza has shown in several group shows including Track 16 and Black Cat Galleries. Geza’s art collectors include Tool manager Victoria Blake, Philanthropist Cameron Melville, and famed artist manager and collector Peter Hursch.
myspace.com/gezaxart myspace.com/geza_x

MICHAEL BERG will be performing his musically superb and highly original dark folk/nighttime cafÈ ballads at 10PM.
David J of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets has recently produced Michael’s new album "Lights Down", which gives shades of Nick Drake and Jacques Brel sung with Michael’s own unique storytelling style. Against the backdrop of his fingerpicked guitar or piano you will find this is real music by a real artist! If you are ailing from the C-grade "singer/songwriter" musical impostors who shove insipid music into our lives via big media, Michael Berg is your new medicine man! Give "Save Me" a listen for immediate relief, musical inspiration and hope from the evening shadows.

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