Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Suffering For Art

There is no greater testament to love, than through suffering. Before you say "no", think about it. There was just a school shooting where 33 people died. The suffering is immeasurable, yet people are banding together because of it. They reach out to each other and embrace as brothers and sisters, because they share in the most common ground that mankind can share in. Suffering. We're in it together.
Sure, we can send flowers, write poems, and take each other out to dinner, but there is no greater way of showing you care, then to endure pain on behalf of another person, or thing. Ask any parent and they'll tell you that they'd give their life to protect their children.
Think on the Christ. I am of no particular religion, but I must say that the Crucifixion is among my favorite symbols of God's love, because it shows him suffering extreme pain for it. That's love that can't be denied.

I feel sick when TV evangelist tell us that God has allowed so much suffering in our modern world, because we have slowly but surely pushed (Him) away from us. I really don't think that has anything to do with it. I believe it's allowed to go on, because if it didn't, we would no longer need to care for one and other. We would grow could and self serving. Our imaginations would wither and die, because we would have no conflict in our lives to spur us on, to make us want to fight, reach out, prove ourselves, or even love. We need antagonist to rise above. Our worth as human beings comes out in us, when we are forced to show that we are not lesser then another person.
So, we dream and aspire to create a better world for ourselves, as others seek to tear it down. As a result, we imagine ways to make it stronger and more beautiful then before. That's where art comes in.

Art is a scream of pain. Artist labor for years, trying to perfect their work, so that they might tell you their love. They take ridicule from friends and family, because what they're doing isn't lucrative for most. The finer things in life? They go without them, so that they might buy paints, or some other such supply. They risk persecution, guilt, censorship, and well being, just to give you glimpse inside their love of the things they create or depict. Indeed, those who would fear beauty would seek to smash down those who would imbibe it, and then show it's reflection to the world.
Then why bother. For the pure, irrational, God blessed, love of it. For the love of the ideas that drive our world to grow. For the love we share in enjoying art together, as we all say, "I know how this person felt (or feels) and I feel the same way, too. I've been there. I've been through that. I've suffered that. We've suffered that, you and I. We survived it together, and it has made us stronger." That's why we must suffer. That's the proof of our love.

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